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What is a Distance Internship?

Distance internships are programs that allow interns to design their own rotations and complete them in any part of the United States.

How Distance Internships Are Similar to Traditional Dietetic Internships:

  • Meet ACEND requirements for RDN Exam eligibility​

  • Minimum 1,000 hour supervised practice requirements​

  • Core rotations (Clinical, Food Service, Community)​

  • Same competency requirements

How Distance Internships Differ From Traditional Dietetic Internships:​​

  • Rotations are completed in geographical location of choice​

  • Interns secure their own rotations/preceptors​

  • Tailor the internship to your personal learning/career goals​

  • Virtual class days and internship events

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Benefits of Completing a Distance Internship

There are some key benefits to choosing a distance DI program:

Saves Money

Avoid the financial burden of moving by completing your rotations close to home.

No Relocation Needed

Complete rotations in the geographical location of your choice.

Flexible Scheduling

Create a rotation schedule that best meets your needs.

Personalize Your Internship Experience

Choose rotations in areas of dietetics that interest you most and align with career goals.

Expand Your Network

Connect with interns, alumni, and preceptors from around the country.

Know That You're Not Alone

From the moment of your acceptance into the program, you'll have the support of your program advisor and DI Team's contracts and administrative manager, program manager and program director. All of our program advisors are Registered Dietitians and will be there to provide support and guidance throughout the internship. Our advisors can also assist you with securing rotation sites and providing resources for your internship assignments and exam preparation. Having successfully completed dietetic internships themselves, they will be a great resource for you throughout your rotations and as you begin your RD career.

You will also have the support of your fellow interns! Being a part of the WWDI community expands your network allowing you to connect with your current DI classmates and our WWDI alumni for help and support.

Intern Responsibilities

  • Secure rotation sites

    • WWDI assistance and resources available after acceptance to program​​​

  • Access to computer and internet

    • Basis understanding of Microsoft Word and Excel​

WWDI Responsibilities

  • Complete contracts/affiliation agreements with secured rotation sites​

  • Communicate with and prepare preceptors for rotations

  • Prepare interns for supervised practice hours and meeting required competencies (orientation)

  • Provide projects, assignments, homework and RD exam prep

  • Provide support, community, learning opportunities, and access to a network of dietitians across the US

Is a Distance Internship Right For You?

There are some things to consider before applying to a distance DI program:

Are you independent and self-motivated?

Do you have strong written and verbal communication skills?

Are you organized?

Will you ask for help when you need it?

Wellness Workdays Dietetic Internship_Dietetic Intern.jpg

Key attributes that help set interns up for success include:

  • Being open-minded and a self-starter

  • Having great time management and organizational skills

  • Having strong communication skills and being self-advocating

  • Being comfortable with technology and remote learning

Technology Requirements: 

Interns are required to maintain minimum technology requirements to complete program requirements.

  • Email account (Gmail, Yahoo, other)– school accounts are not permitted

  • Computer (laptop preferred) with up-to-date antivirus program 

  • High-speed Internet

  • Webcam, microphone, and speakers for Zoom meetings

  • Scanner (may be incorporated into printer or may use smartphone Notes app)

  • Microsoft Office 2010 or later (recommended)

  • PDF Pro 10 or Adobe Acrobat Pro (recommended)

"I was so amazed with how welcoming everybody was--all of the advisors, as well as the other interns. You could really just reach out to anybody and everyone was there with open arms willing to help you."


Have questions about the WWDI Program?

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