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Degree Track Options with WWDI

Earn a Master's Degree while completing your dietetic internship part-time

Effective January 1, 2024, the minimum degree requirement for a Registered Dietitian will be a graduate degree granted by a USDE-recognized institution (or foreign equivalent). More information can be found here.

Wellness Workdays DI has many options no matter where you are with your education.


Prospective interns applying to Wellness Workdays DI must either:

  1. Choose one of our combined programs

  2. Have already obtained a Master's (or higher) degree in any field

  3. Show proof of acceptance into a graduate program.


Interns are required to find qualified preceptors in the areas of clinical/MNT (400 hours), food service management (180 hours), community nutrition (180 hours), and WWDI concentration  (240 hours) to complete their requirements. Once accepted into our program, our WWDI Program Advisors can help you find any missing rotation sites. 

Our two Degree-Track options are as follows:

1. Apply to one of our Combined DI/Master's Programs 

Wellness Workdays Dietetic Internship is proud to partner with four exceptional graduate programs, all of which can be completed virtually from anywhere in the country. We offer a variety of degrees to capture the varied interests and opportunities of the innovative future dietitians completing our program. The four distinguished university programs and their Master's options are:

  • Apply once and gain dual acceptance into a Master's degree program and our dietetic internship.

  • Just indicate which program you are applying to on our supplemental application

Want to learn more about our affiliated graduate program? Listen to our Grad Program Open House. 

2. If you have been accepted to an unaffiliated Master's Program: 
  • You are eligible to complete the WWDI internship in as little as 2-years (16-25 supervised practice hours per week and at least 2 courses per semester).

  • You will be eligible to sit for the RDN exam upon successful completion of the graduate program and the 1,000 hour WWDI internship.

  • Just upload your acceptance letter to the DICAS application.

Degree Track Program Timeline


  • Degree track interns will complete 16-24 hours of supervised practice per week, either two or four eight-hour days or a combination of eight and four hours days. 

  • Interns will complete the following rotations for a total of 1,000 supervised practice hours: 

    • Community nutrition (180 hours)

    • Food service management (180 hours)

    • WWDI concentration  (240 hours) 

    • Clinical/MNT (400 hours)

  • Degree track interns will be enrolled in at least two courses per semester

  • Orientation is completed in mid January for Fall Match and mid June for spring.

  • Rotations can begin anytime between June 27th and the Tuesday after Labor Day for Spring Match or between January 23rd and April 1st for Fall Match.

  • Interns attend commencement in April of their planned graduation year.

  • Interns attend Wellness Workdays' Emerging Trends in Wellness Conference each April that they are in the internship.

  • Program will be completed on or before two years from the first rotation start date and no later than three years from the first rotation start date.

Working from Home

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