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Prior Assessed Learning

Prior Assessed Learning (PAL), recognized by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND), is designed to enable dietetic internship programs to grant internship hours to specific rotations based on the applicant's previous work or volunteer experiences. Applicants will have significant and relevant work experiences and will be able to demonstrate or prove that what they have done meets the competencies required for an entry-level RD, as outlined by ACEND. Credit hours are granted based on what knowledge and skills the applicant can demonstrate they have acquired during their experience, not how many hours or years they have been working.


Wellness Workdays Dietetic Internship is offering interns the opportunity to apply for PAL credits in one of the following rotations:

  • Food Service Management- up to 180 hours

  • Community Nutrition- up to 180 hours

  • Sports Nutrition and Entrepreneurship- up to 240 hours

  • Worksite Wellness and Health Promotion- up to 240 hours

  • Nutrition Communications and Marketing- up to 240 hours


Regardless of the amount of PAL credits granted, interns will be required to attend all class days, conference and commencement, and complete a rotation specific project/presentation demonstrating knowledge and application of the required competencies of that rotation.


Any credit granted will shorten the required hours/length of the internship. Tuition rates will remain unchanged. WWDI does not charge a fee to review PAL applications and portfolios.


Criteria for Review 

To be considered for PAL credit, applicants must:

  1. Indicate which rotation they are looking to receive PAL credit for on the supplemental application. Only one rotation may be chosen.

  2. Obtained the real life (case studies/simulation experience will not count toward PAL) experiences from work/volunteering or certifications within two years of submitting the application.

  3. Submit a portfolio (after acceptance to WWDI) containing samples of projects, reports, presentations, and professional practice that demonstrates advanced knowledge and skills in the area of dietetics for which the PAL credit is requested. 

  4. Submit the PAL competency form (after acceptance to WWDI) describing how the ACEND competencies have been met for the specific rotation.

  5. All documentation must be submitted within two weeks of acceptance into the internship program to allow for adequate evaluation by the WWDI Program Director. No extensions will be granted. If applicants are unable to produce the necessary documents within that time frame, they will not be eligible for PAL review. We encourage all applicants to begin working on the forms at the time they submit the supplemental application. Applicants are encouraged to reach out to WWDI at any time prior to acceptance with any questions regarding documentation at

PAL Application

To be submitted by the WWDI application deadline:

  • Supplemental application indicating which rotation you’re applying to receive PAL credits


To be submitted within two weeks after acceptance into WWDI: 

Assessment of Prior Learning

WWDI has determined an effective process to assess and validate professional competence, which fit meaningfully into our program objectives and requirements to successfully prepare our interns for the RDN exam and entry-level RD positions. PAL competency forms and portfolios will be assessed by the Program Director and staff. All decisions made regarding hours granted are final.

The Program Director or designee will: 

  • Evaluate submitted information in a timely manner. Applicants will receive a PAL credit decision letter by July 1st.

  • Request additional documentation or clarification as deemed appropriate. Additional documentation must be submitted by the intern within a week of the request.

  • Formulate a decision related to the assessment of the intern’s prior learning based on evaluation of the portfolio and any verification of information provided on the PAL form as deemed appropriate. 

  • Assign specific projects and assignments to be completed during the internship.

Please contact with any questions.

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