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Sports Nutrition & Entrepreneurship Preceptors

Helpful resources for current and prospective preceptors

Thank you for agreeing to host a Wellness Workdays Dietetic Intern! We are thrilled to welcome our incoming class of dietetic interns and excited that you are interested in helping them achieve their goal of becoming a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. We are so grateful for individuals like you who value education and mentorship and appreciate the difference you can make for the individual student as well as the field of dietetics.

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Preceptor Orientation Webinar



Sports Nutrition & Entrepreneurship Preceptor Sample Schedule

Rotation: 240 hours (about 6 weeks full-time)


Week 1:

  • Intern orientation

    • Review intern expectations and responsibilities

      • Dress code, start and end time, day-to-day duties, when to check-in during the day/week, etc.

  • Ensure your access to PRISM

  • Review rotation competencies with intern (see “competency checklist” below)

    • Review any additional learning goals


Week 2:

  • Begin to discuss potential topics for the Supplement and Ergogenic Product Group Nutrition Project

    • Are there any supplements your athletes and/or staff are interested in or may benefit from learning more about?

    • Example: Does collagen supplementation impact performance?

  • Begin to discuss potential topics for the Business Plan Project

    • Is there a business opportunity you or your intern are interested in exploring?

    • Example: Starting a private practice, campus café for athletes, etc.

  • Schedule dates for the Supplement and Ergogenic Product Group Education Project and Business Plan Project

    • These can be presented 1:1 or to a larger group of your athletes and/or staff members


Week 3:

  • Review competency checklist together and devise a plan for meeting any unmet competencies by the end of the rotation

    • Intern’s program advisor may be called/emailed to help come up with a plan or provide additional assignments

Week 5:

  • Review remaining projects to be completed, presented and/or evaluated

    • Schedule presentation of any remaining projects

    • Complete any pending project evaluations

  • Schedule a date and time to review the completed Final Competency evaluation with your intern by their final rotation day


Week 6:

  • Complete the Final Competency evaluation on PRISM

    • Please note a score of 3 or below means the competency was NOT met. A score of 4 or 5 indicates the competency was met.

  • Complete the Professionalism Evaluation for intern on PRISM

  • Review Final Competency evaluation together with intern if able

  • Complete any pending evaluations for projects intern previously presented



  • Projects may be presented to and evaluated by an intern’s program advisor if needed. Please let the intern know as soon as possible if that’s required.

  • At any point in the rotation, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your intern’s program advisor with any questions or concerns.

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